The Sun Has Set on County Stadium

County Stadium Moments

When this site was first launched in 1997 we asked fans to tell us what their favorite memories of County Stadium were.  Here's what that had to say...  

Easter Sunday

My favorite moment has to be Dale Sveum's game winner on Easter Sunday 1987. I think that information says enough for the Brewers fan. I wish I could have been there, and although I was only 6 years old at the time, I remember all about Team Streak. I was as excited as anyone else. Sveum's dinger in the tenth was probably the most famous homers, if not the most famous homer, in County Stadium history.

Nick Blanchet
Greenfield, WI 

Nolan Ryan's 300th Win

I've been to many Brewers games. My best memories include: Nolan Ryan's 300th win, Robin Yount's 2,999th hit, Paul Molitor's 36th straight game with a hit.

I loved that stadium. Miller Park had to come about, however, to keep the Brewers, so that is great!

Bob Van Rens
De Pere, WI

Old Home

Milwaukee County Stadium
April 6, 1953 - September 28, 2000

Milwaukee Braves
(NL, 1953-65)
Milwaukee Brewers
(AL, 1970-97; NL, 1998-2000)




36,011 (1953)
43,394; (1954)
53,192 (1975)


Osborn Engineering


Hunzinger Construction et al.


Milwaukee County


$5 million (1953)

World's Largest Flag

I was born in Cudahy in 1964. Moved to AZ in July of '76 right after my elementary school, General Mitchell, rolled out the, then, world's largest flag at a brewer game.Our family then moved to OK in '78 and to KS in '79. But my heart has always been in Milwaukee. I remember seeing Packers and Brewers games as a youth at County Stadium. I am so glad to see the dedication of Brewer fans enabling that fine city to hold onto its sports franchises. With Miller Field, the Brewers will remain in Milwaukee and so to will the hopes of a once youth from Cudahy.

Robert Danforth
Garden City, KS

Yount Bat Day

It was my first Brewers game at County Stadium and I was about 7 years old at the time. I remember it was Robin Yount bat day and we had pretty bad seats. I went to see the first game of a double header but then I got tired and wanted to go home, I NEVER DID THAT AGAIN. Jose Canseco hit a homer that day and since then a Brewer backer all the way! GO BREWERS!!!!!!!! 🙂

Ryan Dee
West Bend, WI

Packers at County Stadium

County Stadium holds many fond memories of Packer games and Brewer games. My first time at County was 17 years ago when I was about 5. Milwaukee has had to wait too long for Miller Park to be done but I know it will be worth the wait. I can't wait for my first game there.

David Kuehn
Cedarburg, WI

Brewers vs. Yankees
Mike Caldwell & Reggie Jackson

I remember when these two guys hated each other all the time. Caldwell  strikes Jackson out a lot of times and Reggie can't put up with it and started a fight.

Steve Jensen
West Bend, WI

May, 1983
Cecil Cooper, Robin Yount and Gumby (Jimmy Gantner)

I was participating in tryouts just before the June draft, and was welcomed there buy my childhood heroes. Had a lot of fun chatting and getting tips from some real pro's. Thanks for the memories you guys. Buy the way, the tips worked, I was drafted buy the K.C. Royals. Some day I'd like to say thanks.

Kurt Kunz
Wilmot, WI

Hank Aaron waves to crowd at Milwaukee County Stadium
From 1976-2000
I Saw All of the AL and Most of the NL Teams, So Far...

My father was a worker at County Stadium for 11 years and I got to see some great moments when I was growing up. I went to Brewers and Packers games and got to see some memorable games. One day I went to County Stadium with my dad on his day off. He showed me the playing field for the first time. I always wondered what the place looked like. His co-workers were preparing the field for an upcoming game so I asked my dad if I could go onto the field. He let me and I stood on the pitchers mound and looked around. I will never forget as an 8 year old kid, standing where many famous pitchers have stood.

I also went to my 1st Brewers game that same year and saw Hank Aaron hit a home run. I didn't know why everyone was happy. 

I saw Bernie Brewer go down the slide from the chalet and I then understood why Milwaukee was a baseball town. My parents, family, and friends have told me their memories of the great Braves games, and how it was wonderful to be at the Stadium in the '50's.

I went to County Stadium to say good-bye to an old friend, but I am looking forward to watching games at Miller Park and telling stories of County Stadium to the younger generation. I am now 32 years old and will never forget this place where I was a witness to many events.

So long County Stadium. I will miss you, as you were with me since day one of my life. I hope you had a good time being there for us those many years! I will never forget you!

Doug B.
Milwaukee, WI

June 1999
Minnesota Twins - Molitor's Number Retirement

It was a great feeling being in the Stadium during Paul Molitor Night even though it thundered and lightninged during the ceremony. Just seeing his number being retired in the back of center field was phenominal.

Matt Bogenschutz
Sheboygan, WI

Dale Sveum and Rob Deer

On Easter Sunday in 1987 Rob Deer hit a homerun to tie the game and send it into extra innings. Then in the 10th inning Dale Sveum hit a homerun to extend the Brewers winning streak to 12 games. It was a very special moment it. I still watch old film of it. It is always just fantastic!

Casey Gerritsen from Waupun, WI

In the 50's

It didn't matter who they (the Braves) were playing, because they were the best. My dad always took me to those games. It was a great time and I will never forget those wonderful moments.

Milwaukee, WI


I was 3 years-old and it was the first time I was in County Stadium and that's when I fell in love with the Stadium and I would hate to see it demolished.

Brown Deer, WI

Summer 1998
Brewers vs. Atlanta

A crazed squirrel ran ferociously across the outfield, then over to Fernando Vina at second, hopping over his feet.

Greg Ender
Milwaukee, WI

ALCS & World Series Game

Cecil Cooper willing the ball to land for game winning hit in the ALCS vs. Angels.
Fans chanting MVP, MVP, MVP when Robin Yount came up to the plate in the World Series.

Brad Schroeder
Stevens Point, WI

Brewers vs. Texas

After what was a decent performance at best, Nolan Ryan won his 300th victory. I realize this isn’t a Brewer highlight but it was a great accomplishment by won of the greats of our beloved sport.

Brian Kosmoski
Milwaukee, WI

Against the St. Louis Cardinals

My friend had free tickets and she took me to the game. The game was sold out and we were sitting in the general admission section in the upper grandstands. We were really excited and we made a sign so we could get on TV. It worked but that wasn't the best part. Mark McGwire hit a long ball that I thought was fair but the up called it foul. Anyways, the ball landed 2 seats away from me, and I almost got the ball. I was ecstatic that he hit the ball near me, but a little mad that I didn't catch the ball. Oh well, later that night he hit his 64th homerun of the season. I'll never forget that night.

Dousman, WI

April 1955
Braves vs. Pittsburgh

Harvey Haddux pitched a brilliant 12 inning no hitter against the Braves-only to lose in the 13th on a home run by either Joe Adcock or Del Crandall. It was so cold that night that only hundreds of fans stayed to witness a pitching accomplishment that is still talked about!

Glenn Miller
Kalamazoo, MI

Brewers vs. Cardinals

After St. Louis Cardinals hit there grandslam, Darrin Jackson came up to bat with the bases loaded hit a grandslam to when it in the top of the 9th.

Tom Mottl
Oconomowoc, WI

September 9, 1992
Brewers vs. A's

Last home game of the season, and it was the last year of being in their old division. The Crew won to an electrified crowd and a memorable game!

Ben Juech
Wauwatosa, WI

Photo courtesy of Roadside Photos.

Every Time I Would Make the Long Trip to County Stadium

I live near the Twin Cities and have gone to a few Twins games. Let me tell you that there is no comparison between the two cities. People say that the ""Minnesota Nice"" is all over Minnesota, well let me tell you it's not. When you go to a Twins game the people there are very RUDE and disrespectful. It is actually no fun to go there at all. That is why I make the six hour or so drive to Milwaukee to see a REAL baseball city and setting. Every time I go to County Stadium I get goose bumps. From the tailgating before the game to the tailgating after. 

The people at County Stadium are the best baseball fans in the WHOLE WORLD. I am an out of towner, but the people there treat you like you are their best friend. They will share brats & beer and treat you like one of the guys. Then you go into County Stadium and you are in awe of its beauty and its "perfect" grass on the field. They also have the best brats in the world. You can be sitting there eating a brat and drinking a beer enjoying the game all why at the same time you know no one around you. Then Robin or Paul gets a hit and the crowd goes crazy high-five'n everyone around them. Then all of a sudden everybody are best friends. 

The people at County Stadium are the best baseball fan​s in the WHOLE WORLD. 

This type of thing is unheard of in "Minnesota Nice" Twin Cities at a Twins game. You are more likely to get decked in the face than getting a high-five. The people in Milwaukee get an A for the best fans in the world, and also the most friendliest. I have NEVER had a bad experience at County Stadium, and I very RARELY have a good one at the Metrodome. So I guess keep up the good work and I hope the tradition of County Stadium caries over to Miller Park.

P.S. I suppose you wouldn't want to chance one little letter in the name of the new park would you (M>G).

Nate Giller
Osceola, WI

1st Season of the Brewers

A group of girls from my high school decided to dedicate our summer to the new Milwaukee Brewers ball club. Since there were no Braves memories, we had no reservations and no preconceived notions about it. We decided to be die hard fans and support the team as left field bleacher bums.

There is no better view of the game than from those seats.We drank soda, ate hotdogs (dipped in secret stadium sauce, of course), bought ice cream malt cups and popcorn. It took all of one game to figure out that we not only got a fun ball club - the popcorn containers, that doubled as megaphones were imprinted with ""Win or Lose - Cheer for Your Team"" and had a large blue painted spot on them. When scratched off, it read "Seattle Pilots".Looks like the deal we got on the team included the popcorn containers. I wonder if there were beer cups to be named later...

Milwaukee, WI

April 1965

It was the last year in Wisconsin for the Braves and they were playing the Mets.  Warren Spahn was pitching for the Mets as he returned to Milwaukee. He was given a standing ovation for a long period of time. This gave me goose bumps.

Chuck Hinze
Watertown, WI

June 12,1999
Brewers vs. Twins

It's nothing that happened on the field but being from Texas and driving up to the parking lot and seeing all the tailgating going on and the friendly crowd before the game. And then there was my first game at County Stadium - it was great! You know I'll be back for more when Miller Park opens!

Brad Thompson
Laredo, TX

Opening Day 1953
Braves vs. Cardinals

After purchasing the very first ticket to the first County Stadium event (which meant a February 1953 weekend huddled against the ticket booth wall) I sat out near Billy Bruton-who thrilled everyone with his game winning hit.

Glenn Miller
Kalamazoo, MI

July 3, 1982
Brewers vs. Boston Red Sox

The Brewers are one of the hottest teams in baseball on a hot night in SE, WI. The Brew Crew bashed the Bo Sox behind home-runs of Molitor, Thomas, Cooper, Oglivie. The superb pitching by Pete shut out the the Sox with an ending tally of 7-0. A definitive moment from the 1982 season and why the the Brewers were AL Champions.

Dan Hayden
Orlando, Florida

Do You Remember?

Approximately 1987
Brewers vs. Cleveland

I was visiting a friend of mine from home (NY) who was attending UW - Madison. We decided to drive over and see the Brewers. Before we even got to the ticket counter, a husband and wife stopped us and asked us if we would like free tickets to the game. They had two extra since their sons could not make the game. We said yes, of course. We proceeded to sit with them right down at the Brewers dugout. They even bought the first round of beer. Can you beat that? I'm still waiting for that to happen to me in NY. Guess I have a long wait.

Patrick McNelis
New York, NY

First Game Changed My Life

It was during State Fair, I was 10 years old, and it was my first visit to County Stadium. The Braves won on an unearned run in the bottom of the 8th, 1-0. I suppose most people would have considered it a pretty dull game, but for me it was the first of hundreds of games over 34 years. Certainly not the best/favorite game I've ever seen at County Stadium, but it was the first... and it changed my life.

Randy Curwen
Chicago, IL

Final Game at County Stadium

Players from Aaron to Yount from Spahn to Molitor. Just to be there (final home game at County Stadium) to be part of history that I will never ever forget. The thing I will remember most is leaving the stadium for the final time with the stadium pitch black and Miller Park lit up.

Mike E.
Milwaukee, WI

Late 1983

The Yanks","Robin and me","I caught a foul ball off of Robin Yount. I was only about nine years old but nothing since has generated that much excitement for me at the Stadium. I was in a different world for about a week. To top it off I ended up getting Robins auto on it, and the crew beats the hated Yanks 4-3 in ten. Robins 3000 hit is a close second.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

April, 1975

Hank Aaron was my boyhood hero. What a model athlete he was. And when he returned to Milwaukee for his last two seasons it was a thrill. I brought a small 8-mm movie camera with me on opening day, 1975, and shot every at-bat of his that game. I was sitting way up in the upper deck and could hardly see him, but that short clip of film still gives me goose bumps. It was a great day!

Jerry Kuhnz
Greenfield, WI

Helmet Day 1983
Brewers vs. Cleveland

The Brewers were trailing big after the first inning. After picking away at the lead in the seventh inning, the Brewers were on the verge of really breaking it open. Up steps Robin Yount. The crowd was shouting "MVP, MVP, MVP." Robin Yount answers with a base hit to left. The Brewers went on to win that night.

Michael Radonski
Milwaukee, WI

August 1992
Brewers vs. Boston

Scott Fletcher hits a dramatic triple to tie the game in the 12th inning and Gumby (Jim Gantner) goes deep in the 13th to win it. Unbelievable that Gumby hits the winning blast.  This is the last year the Brewers contend for a division title. Great season!

Eric Kurlinski
Eau Claire, WI